The gentleman requested the Claridge's door

  • The gentleman requested the Claridge's door man to inform the carridge driver to make haste as he needed to be at Wellington Station to depart on the Orient Express at 3 pm sharp
  • 'Sharp or blunt' what difference does it make thought the grim-faced doorman. The carriage driver arrived at 3.15. The gentleman exploded with anger ''why did you come so late? he
  • said sharply. Or was it bluntly? Either way, the carriage driver took offense and left the angry, sharp, blunt, grim-faced doorman on the curbside, one finger in the air. Cranberry
  • juice is supposed to guard against bladder infections. Indeed. As if I am the type of person...wait a minute, speaking of bladder infections, this grim-faced doorman, I recognize h
  • is stance, legs & eyes crossed, biting his lip. I tortured him by making conversation. "Looks like it'll rain soon huh?" The doorman said "Yessir". "Won't need to use the sprinkle
  • now, would we?" "No sir." the doormans hard eyes were focused on intensely staring into the distance, silently begging me to stop talking. "So how's the family?" I asked.
  • The doorman cautiously answered, "They're just fine. Why do you ask?" "I heard your new baby was due soon and wanted to bring your wife a gift." The doorman was getting goose
  • d in the ass by one of the street urchins who happened about the lane around that time. They liked to harass him because of his Down's Syndrome and honestly - who wouldn't? He
  • had a face only a Korean man with a sick sense of humor could love. Like really, really sick, we're talking Ted Bundy levels of sick here. Nevertheless, his condition had earned hi
  • s father a pretty penny parading him through sideshow circuits until he was bought out by a showman who'd gotten a cool million shoveling shady accounts of tree farms.


  1. zxvasdf May 24 2015 @ 13:15

    Now that I have the full context of this story, I feel just horrible.

  2. SlimWhitman May 24 2015 @ 15:59

    I don^t blame you zvasdf . GonzoGnostal, & SherbertHead: You obviously have writing talent but there are some rules about content you agreed to when signing up for Foldingstory. Please read rules 1 to 4 (again) and decide whether you plan to abide by them - if not, you'll need to find another place to write. Sorry to be blunt.

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