He didn't want to hurt his amigo.

  • He didn't want to hurt his amigo.
  • But communication was dicey. "Is this the way to the sea?", "Si", "Yes that's what I said, see?", "Si!" Then he was hit by a ball from first base. "WHO threw that?"
  • "Si." "See what? I wanna know who threw that!" "SI!!!" "Look, I don't want to see what you're showing, obviously. Just tell me who threw that?" Another guy added, "You know it
  • Bullets cut them down in a rain of flesh rags and blood spray. The Mexican drug gangs were at it again. However this time, El Greco had a change of heart. He wanted out and he
  • wanted out now. He started digging and digging intent on escape. El Greco was in over his head when Jovany peered in and threatened him with his
  • frozen anchovy. "Listen, El Greco! If you don't let me escape with you I'm going to shove this fish where the sun don't shine!" While not pleasant the threat certainly wasn't li
  • fe threatening."You gotta do better than that," El Greco chuckled. "If I let you escape with me, you'll have to be much more quick-witted. Now put that fish down & hold this rope."
  • I released the fish, letting it flop on the cell floor, and took hold of the rope. "Now try to keep up," said El Greco. Suddenly, a glowing portal opened and the rope pulled me in.
  • A surprised Hawking greeted me on the other side of the wormhole with a grin on his face. His chair was damaged during the trip and he was no longer able to communicate. El Greco
  • tapped his ear as a sign for me to check my sensorium, and then holy moly I was indeed communicating with Hawking and El Greco and Ernestine and All, and How, and Hao!!!


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