The unrest in the middle east was getting

  • The unrest in the middle east was getting entirely out of control. We would have to quickly install new dictators or our oil supply would dry up. The CEO of B.P. was worried now we
  • pounced on him. Back and Langley we let the fever pitch scream like a baby on a hot stove. We presented him with our new dictators. Totally controllable. Disney's Hall of President
  • s were are inspiration. These dictators could be welded to the podium, animatronically decree their love for the West, and then wheeled back into storage until the next event.
  • Yes, such was the cost of manufacturing consent. But everyone knew it had to be done. Everybody knew that the safety of the unions was a most important concern of Abe's right-wing
  • and not the left wing. The left wing comprised of a set of aliens in human form who worked diligently but became boisterous after work hours. This worried Abe greatly and he decide
  • to take the middle wing. It ended in a series of doors. Abe puzzled over which door to take, then suddenly remembered the map and clues in his backpack. He looked at them, but
  • something told him to look up. He slowly looked up, the ceiling started to peel back. A metal ladder defended by the clue writers lowered into the room. The clue writers
  • were annoyed because the cast was add libbing. Mr. Schumacher the director said "Mr. Boddy is not killed with a basket of loganberries!" but the 'Clue' cast was rampant. Col. Must
  • ard promptly absconded with Miss Scarlet stage left whereupon a series of giggles & wet smacking sounds were heard throughout the auditorium. Professor Plum looked at the director
  • who was chewing gum and laughing at his fucking Angry Birds "game", so the actors decided to come up with three different endings because the director had all the scripts.


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