"Do no mistake inaction for laziness or misjudge

  • "Do no mistake inaction for laziness or misjudge a choice for peace as weakness." The student replied, "I'm not gonna lie, I feel very vulnerable after a nap."
  • Master Po gazed upon his student, Kwai Chang Kaine. "Wise words, little Grasshopper. And is a wise man vulnerable to deception?" KCK thought for a moment, then fell back asleep.
  • "But what did those wise words mean?" Master Po wondered. He gazed into the open bible where a sentence was underlined. It was Mark 14:52, and after reading, it became clear
  • nudity was a staple in that ponderous tome. Master Po decided that wisdom was in the eye of the beholder. On a distant hill, a noodle cart was breaking free from a young panda.
  • So, using that wisdom, he set foot towards the noodle cart on the distant hill. He wasn't sure what it was that inspired him to go that way. Was it his growling stomach or the
  • mere desire to do something on that boring afternoon? He would never tell. All he knew was that he needed to move. He was afraid that
  • All the other boys in his neighborhood would find out about what he did to that poor little girl. He wanted to go where NO one could ever find him. Theres only one place like that
  • : Cheeky Nandos. Sean travelled from the States all the way to Britain so he could hide at Nandos. Nobody there would know he murdered the little girl.
  • Not even him. Once he got off the redeye in Colorado, he took the bus as far as he could and then hiked the rest of the way to a remote cliffside, where he proceeded to smash rocks
  • down on the 18-wheelers passing through on the interstate.The rocks mostly just bounced off, but finally one truck wrecked & overturned. Thousands of donuts rolled into the desert.


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