"They appear to enjoy roaming at night,"

  • "They appear to enjoy roaming at night," Kaku silently mused, the others in the room nodded, picking up on his thoughts. Kaku adjusted the telescope to the waxing gibbous setting
  • moon of Kaka. For eons, Kakans thought their moon was a great Gibbon waxing his butt to a buff sheen still referring to it as a waxing gibbous moon. Kaku thought aloud, 'If humans
  • can wax poetic, then so can I." So Kaku set to work, writing haiku about Kaka's moon and its true origins. Some thought he was cuckoo, but he said, "No, no, Kuku is my twin."
  • "I burn the house down after dawn / It helps me to wake up," declaimed Kaka to his uneasy neighbors. His twin brother Kuku pressed through the crowd. "Bro, it's time to suit up."
  • Then Kaka and Kuku put cardboard on the ground, pushed play on the "ghetto blaster" and started break dancing like it was going out of style. His uneasy neighbors
  • took matters into their own hands and set up a square dance stage. Kaka and Kuku breakin' was upstaged by the neighbor's promanadin'.
  • Then they started twerking to the next song, and who showed up but Miley Cyrus herself, who just sat and watched. Perambulating around the neighbourhood, I noticed how quickly the
  • twerkers who'd finished ran to their grimoires to check if they had performed the correct arcane configurations called for in the invocation. Miley Cyrus sat petting her familiar,
  • a cross-eyed Siamese cat named Cyril who had gotten that way by watching Miley twerk. Cyril could see double into the future and warned the witches that they had mis-stepped and
  • that now no one could stop the Miley twerk invasion and she would be broadcast daily at the same time. The Witches thanked Cyril and euthanized the world's population preemptively.


  1. SlimWhitman Jul 11 2017 @ 02:59

    @Woab:LOLed@x-eyedCat explanation

  2. Woab Jul 11 2017 @ 10:15

    Likewise for your "moon of Kaka"!

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