If anyone mentions, or even hints at, BACON

  • If anyone mentions, or even hints at, BACON in this story, he or she will suffer a terrible curse.
  • PurpleProf told the rest of the FoldingStory community, unleashing the BACON related curse upon themself. Just thinking about it, TheFishtoad brought the curse on them too, beginni
  • ng to despair of all these in-jokes that kept finding their way into FoldingStories. It was too late though. The curse of BACON was spreading and only Spam Baby was pleased.
  • But enough about me. Back to the story. John Swartzwelder, writer of 59 episodes of The Simpsons, sat in his diner seat and stared blankly at his typewriter. Coffee steamed and
  • fogged his glasses. John removed his glasses and carefully cleaned them for the fifth time. He hoped that this time when looked at the page it would be anything but blank.
  • But still there was nothing. John sighed loudly. He put the page on top of his desk and left. Little did he know, while the page was under the lamp, the invisible ink began to glow
  • i felt it so amazing, i wan to why it's like that.....
  • The feeling pulsing through my skin. Felt kind of like a worm wriggling through my veins. I guess such a thought should've made me sick, but I've always had an attraction to worms.
  • Ever since the time my Aunt Jenna stuck a worm up my bottom to relieve me of the Chicken Pox, I've been obsessed with worms. The feeling crawling through my veins made me feel like
  • Hunter Thompson must have felt on psilocybin and adrenachrome. Now, I see worms everywhere: in my lover's hair, at farmer's market, in weblog posts, inside my own eyeballs...


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