Your telling me I applied, was accepted 1

  • Your telling me I applied, was accepted 1 in 10000, trained in a grueling program, traveled through interplanetary space for 2 years, survived the landing, & the sunsets are blue?
  • "Well," the spaceship said. "It is a little more complicated than that. You have another hundred years before we reach Blue Dwarf 7. I woke you up too early. This is a simulation."
  • I groaned, I really had to reset the spaceship for day light savings time. However, with 100 light years to go I would have plenty of time to get around to it.
  • It wasn't like it was top-priority. I was already too deep into the black abyss of space for time-keeping to matter. And with my enormous crew of one, it mattered even less...
  • I drifted further into nothingness. Time passed slowly, or quickly, or not at all... It was impossible to tell. There was nothing quite as dreadful as nothing. Then, at last,
  • there was...something. I couldn't tell what it was at first and thought that maybe I would finally escape this void. But it turned out to be another person trapped in nothingness.
  • "HEY OVER THERE!" I called. "DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS 'NOTHINGNESS VOID'?" The figure moved toward me.At first it said nothing-Then it let out a roar. It wasn't a person.
  • No. It was much bigger. a giant? do these things exist in this void? I was sure nothing was here. perhaps this is the first creation to come after humans disappeared?
  • But if I am in this void and I am thinking, then maybe this thought I am having is actually creation itself, and this giant thing I sense is actually the world my thought made.
  • Maybe I just smoke too much weed. or maybe I'm not smoking enough. I took the spliff from behind my ear, lit up, and decided that life's too short to create anything at all.


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