An awesome African army assembled and arduously

  • An awesome African army assembled and arduously advanced against an African anthill,assiduously annihilating ant after ant. Bill burdened bucktoothed Bertie by bidding belligerentl
  • -y at the wares being produced for auction by the victorious army. 'Spoils of War' they called it, as if anything could hide the truth of the loot of the ant-people by the African
  • Picnic God. The ant-people would sacrifice a virgin, well, an innocent, ok, well they rounded up the town whore and sacrificed her to the African Picnic God to get
  • sugary jelly babies. The Picnic God was not satisfied with this offering and the heavens opened up and let out a heavy downpour of rain. The ant-people scurried into holes or under
  • ground. "The Picnic God is displeased." wailed worker ant VX-1367. "Not since the magnifying-glass harrowing has such devastation come to pass," cried warrior CR-456. We must
  • work together to carry the apple into the tall grass. As the worker ants, hurriedly hoisted the fruit atop their heads, suddenly
  • a worm peeked out of a hole in the apple's top, peering down at the procession of ants bearing him forward, like a prince on a litter. He donned a turban, gestured majestically at
  • the family of worms that had stopped in shock to watch him glide past. He had transcended. As a worm who commanded Ants he would be elevated in status to Worm King. His first order
  • Of business was to raid the garbage cans in the alleys with too much food in it. The trash police worked with him closely so none of them starved to death. There were
  • five loaves and two fishes. Or two fish. As the trash police squabbled over the grammatical, the two fish(es) and changed color. One cop, Theodore Geisel, took notice, and counted.


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