that may be well and good that you are top

  • that may be well and good that you are top in FoldingStory." said my wife. "But when are you going to make me Empress of the World?" And so I began, dear reader
  • as I jumped into the abyss to find a way to grant my wife the power of immortality. Surely, immortality would be the first step to becoming Empress, right?
  • Wrong. The power of immortality makes one a slave. It destroys all identity. It ruins all hope. Once my wife became an immortal, our little awesome Trader Joe's meals life ended.
  • There was no need to eat or drink or much else, really. We were immortal, we had eternity to do what we wanted. But we were forced to hide as well, or people would get suspicious.
  • It wasn't long until the others learned what I had already lamented. Being immortal is a lonely, long life... it is nothing to be desired. Death soon comes to be a blessing.
  • Silence ensued as we all contemplated the truth: being immortal was not it was all it was cracked up to be. It was ironic that we were all being trained to sell life insurance & I
  • was one of the few lucky ones who would live forever. What was I supposed to do? Get married just so I could see her pass away? It was torture, but my thoughts were racing. I asked
  • My personal wizard, Alphpesto, what to do next and was told to do more almost finished folding stories and that some of the best ones take years to finish. Indeed, they do. I know!
  • Moral rot was the real enemy in these situations. The further in time from beginning to the next fold the further away from coherence the folding story grew. Events informed the
  • increasing entropy. Funnily enough, when viewed from a far enough distance, entropy resembled a deceptively calm surface, in the way oceans are calm. We return to beginnings.


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