They decided to hold their wedding in the

  • They decided to hold their wedding in the office elevator. "...because" Margo gushed, "that's where we met!" She sighed. The caterer scratched his head. "How many guests?" he asked
  • "Well what do you mean by guest? House guest or Christopher Guest?" Margo gushed some more, blood onto the elevator door man. The caterer scratched his head, hunter because
  • the headhunter's hands were full of heads and the caterer could see he had an itch. The headhunter jumped back away from the caterer, dropped the heads and grabbed his machete to
  • go after the caterer’s head. The headhunter swung the machete. The caterer ducked. Seeing an opening, the caterer kicked a severed head across the room, infuriating the headhunter.
  • The headhunter speared the severed head with his machete and stomped over to the caterer. "You call this 'haute cuisine'?" he shrieked, "I've seen better cranium crepes at a
  • Silence of the Lambs reunion.” The caterer didn’t yield; he punted the severed head from the headhunter’s machete, crying, “Wait until you taste it smothered in caramelized onions
  • , you bunhead!" Who knew cannibals could be so violent- even the servers began to engage. A blood bath like no other began, and blessed be to those who wanted no part in the
  • Bestial shenanigans. Desperate to do something, anything, our hero constructs humans out of fruits and vegetables and magics them to life. Now the blood in the air was tomato juice
  • like the sort you wash your dog with after it's been sprayed by a skunk. Our hero's veggie-humans were losing the fight in the rabbit warrens, yet the protestors were sated.
  • I have no clue why I’m telling you this. Heck, by tonight it’ll all be forgotten. Water under the bridge. Ancient history. But that skunk stink? Well, that’ll linger on for weeks.


  1. Woab Nov 24 2019 @ 11:48

    Awesome ending, Wurm!

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