After anonymously dominating the Nerf Basketball

  • After anonymously dominating the Nerf Basketball League for years, I was ready to take my talents to the NBA. But first, I needed a hype shoe deal. I placed a call to Crocs, Inc.
  • "Crocs, Inc. at your service." "Yo, l dominate at the rim and drain threes from wherever. I need a deal." "Of course sir, right away sir." Open NBA tryouts were a week later and I
  • hated them. I was the janitor in the locker room. When the NBA holds these open try-outs, the slobs come out. The cheese bellies and hacksters don't know the first thing about
  • the triangle offense, box-and-1, or even such basics as triple threat stance. So these idiots would be wasting everybody's time, and coach would call me, the janitor, over, and ask
  • How to do an alleyoop. I showed them the old Hollywood Argyles skit. Then they were practising it themselves, watched by John Cleese himself, their coach. He grabbed a fishbowl
  • named LaWanda Dolittleorless which was home to a pair of stupid fish named Laverne & Squiggy. John Cleese took the fishbowl to the top of the the Piccadilly Circus and yelled down
  • to the spectators below, "I am going tp pour these stupid fish on your heads!". Suddenly Laverne and Squiggy found themselves falling through space, their fins flapping like wings
  • Laverne's scaled body split in two, as did Squiggy's, and they joined into one super fish, intent on putting an end to these acts of selfish entertainment made popular by
  • The purple tweddle burbs of dinastir dancing in the air like bubbles rising from a bubble wand blown by a giddish child screaming fair a day tiddle dish squishy
  • ok, sorry but I cannot publish this story, the editor sighed. "squishy squee?" the writer asked. It just doesn't make any sense, it sounds like it was written by random people


  1. LordVacuity Apr 03 2019 @ 18:22

    I am not random people. I am always myself. Now, that guy is random.

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