K-dizzle was an amazing child. A delightful

  • K-dizzle was an amazing child. A delightful addition to the family. She grew to be a just as amazing young lady. Known for her
  • labia that were big and round and made her privates look like an upside down mickey mouse, K-dizzle became
  • engorged. He grabbed the upside down mickey mouse roughly and
  • skewered him adding a cherry tomato and a piece of pineapple to round it off and placed the shish kabob over the coals. Inspite of being sated, he salivated as the mouse browned
  • and then burst. That he forgot to clean the mouse before cooking became all too apparent. Some of the chunks tasted pretty good when licked from their lips and clothing, however,
  • and the barbecue sauce was perfect. Very quickly all was forgiven, and we sat around the campfire, nibbling roasted mouse bits and singing songs till the wee hours. At long last,
  • our apologies made with only embers in the campfire we went on a hunt. We wanted something else to go with the barbeque sauce. The four footed furry guys were asleep. We hoped to
  • kill 2 birds with 1 stone and fill our bellies and be rid of these weirdos at the same time. We looked at each other in silence and went for our cooking knives. Quietly, we
  • stalked our prey through the steamy Florida jungle. These tourists would stand no chance against our extensive guerilla military training. Being cannabilistic had its advantages.
  • We later gathered and held a big feast in honor of the great spirit Falluth'm. The "braised explorer thighs" and the "intruders brains avec champignons au vin" were a hit.


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