Lights danced in his eyes. That's not where

  • Lights danced in his eyes. That's not where they were accustomed to dancing and in point of fact, were a little uncomfortable there with all of the dewy innocence. Nevertheless,
  • his cataracts were getting worse. The more he employed his ability to read other people's thoughts, the worse eye sight became. If he kept this up we would be totally blind, but
  • the lure of telepathy was too hard to resist. He had to know if that pretty, blonde optometrist really liked him or if she was just trying to sell him over-priced bifocals.
  • He concentrated, picturing her deep blue eyes, focusing on the nose ring and the flashing teeth. Without fuss, he was in. Now he could read her thoughts. But wait. It was too dark.
  • Dark and scary. A deep-purple fog filled the void, followed by sudden glimpses. Instantaneous flashes revealing what must have been her only weakness: pink fluffy
  • cute rabbits. Ever since her parents had won that gigantic pink bunny at the county fair, and she had woken up in the middle of a thunder storm to the scarring visage of it staring
  • at her while she slept, she had developed a great phobia of bunnies of any color. Why would her parents do this? Why would you put something so awful in my room to stare at me?
  • Worse, Mom made me watch "Night of the Lepus," on the VCR. It was a movie full of giant, killer rabbits. It scarred my childhood and is the primary reason I now work as a
  • butcher in the Exotic Meats Shoppe across town. My coworkers know to give me any rabbit carcasses that we receive. It's cathartic, skinning those bunnies that would torment me.
  • But now I come to the conclusion that I have to forgive the little furry balls as they didn't kill my father on purpose,they were just cold.


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