When man finds his inner-self, nothing is

  • When man finds his inner-self, nothing is left secret for him. "Blessed are the pure in heart" coz "he will see God. " he will see God in everywhere, in those flowers,trees,seeds
  • which was why he saw God in the popcorn ceiling at the Super 8 motel. He took his charcoal and onion skin and made a rubbing. Two weeks later, he sold the image to Walmart.
  • Well, to a Walmart heir - she was haunted by her inability to both make a profit and do what was morally right by the workers & hoped that God would forgive her for choosing
  • a lead filled necklace in one of the machines by the Walmart exit instead of giving that quarter to save 4 kids in Africa. She thought hard, while sucking on the necklace. She then
  • felt pity for the stupid poor children riding the three horsed carousel at the K-mart across the street. Poor slobs the 8 year old thought, as she ate her candy necklace,
  • and ordered Jeeves to fetch her another bottle of Fanta. Orange. Slightly chilled in her favorite Barbie glass. She almost felt a tinge of pity at those K-mart children. Being an 8
  • year old forced to wear OshKosh B'gosh overalls had been fun for her, but having to wear the same outfit ten years later due to her grandfather's bizarre will was just
  • ill-fitting, in more ways than one. Rereading gramps' odd will, her mind drifted to thoughts of Cadbury eggs, Pizza Hut commercials on VHS, hand-drawn animation, Ronald Reagan and
  • most of the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire." She began to wonder if the fire had gone out, absentmindedly flicking her Bic, setting the will on fire. The worst attourney
  • the world has ever known bollocksed up the defense at the trial following the fire, and the forgetful arsonist spent her remaining days rotting in a state penitentiary.


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