As wind howled and the rain beat down outside

  • As wind howled and the rain beat down outside the window, I began to plan the evil deed.
  • And when the plans were all set my sister and I scurried up the stairs armed with our sharpest teddy bears. We stormed in through the bedroom door only to find that our parents wer
  • en't home at all. They'd snuck out. After my sister and I had grounded our parents they had climbed out the window. We armed ourselves to the teeth.
  • "Mom, dad, we know you're out here," my sister said as we snuck around our backyard armed with AK-47s. They'd escaped out the window, but they couldn't've gone far. We'd catch them
  • if it took all of our strength and bullets. After what they'd done, we were out for blood, no questions asked, no other alternatives in mind. Parents aren't supposed to do that to
  • other parents at Little League games, but, as everyone knows, winning is everything.Swat teams were assigned to the bleachers, but they didn't deter us. We would fight if we had to
  • this Little League game would be epic. The swat team waited for the fighting and mayhem to break out. Then a triple. The parents rushed the field and the swat team did too. It
  • Took just 4:38 to get the championship game restarted. The winners were from a part of town that was so poor the schools needed something to make them feel good, for a change. This
  • concludes my presentation on Reaganomics and the Influence of Chickens on the Common House Cat. Any questions? Yes, you there in the back row.
  • But the person in the back row suddenly died before he could ask his question. Which, in a way answered his question, which was "How does this benefit me?"


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