It seemed like a simple request to Tom.

  • It seemed like a simple request to Tom. Just move your car so I can get out and we can all get on our way and get on with our lives. But this was not going to be simple.
  • It would definitely require at least a 3 pt. turnaround to move the car, maybe up to 7 pts., having to avoid "Homeless Stan’s" cardboard residence, the hazardous waste dumpster,
  • & a fire hydrant. Sara's skills in negotiating higher dimensional spaces were never stellar. She hit all 3 points including Stan's box thus completing a tragic love triangle.
  • Stan's poor box. So pathetic. Just downright hangdog. It was part of the most disgraceful love triangle since Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • "What? What the hell happened? How did I get here?" Stan was confused. He hadn't remembered clicking that in his box. The love triangle involving his box confused him beyond
  • all reason. For one thing, why did he have a box? And why was he in love with it? More perplexing was the fact that his box detested him, and instead was madly in love with
  • an overripe pineapple. It was obvious that one day he would accidentally stand on the box and squash it. Filled with regret he ran to his mother Agnes and asked for
  • fruit insurance to indemnify himself against any losses resulting from bruising a fruit or fruits. His mother, Agnes, quickly wrote a cheque. The pineapple was not only bruised but
  • also crushed, its sticky juice dribbling down his arm as he stared, dumbfounded, at what he'd just done. Agnes handed the vendor the cheque & mumbled something about psychosis.
  • It was not difficult to draw parallels between semen and the sticky juice that had now made its way down his arm.


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