Sam was covered in cheedo dust.

  • Sam was covered in cheedo dust.
  • The fine dust had penetrated his lungs and in 20 - 30 years Sam would develop cheedosis. Cheedosis is a scarring disease affecting the tissue of the lungs and has no cure. Sam
  • now had an incurable disease, so he ate some pizza.
  • The pizza did not help much with his incurable disease.
  • But the hot cheese helped in burning off the scaly skin that would form around his nose. That is the real reason he was called Pizza Face.
  • Well, one of the reasons. Another reason was that he wore a flat square cardboard box as a hat to church. Fellow congregationalists would hiss, "Oi, Pizza Face. You're blocking my
  • view of the nuptuals!" for he'd accidentally crashed a Wedding. The sumptuous Bride was wavering already, the Groom being dietician, and when she saw Pizza face in the second row
  • , she pounced hungrily. Within moments, poor Pizza Face was destroyed. He was only a torso! The bride, now covered in sauce & anchovies, returned to the altar. "Carry on!" she
  • Said as Pizza Face found some mushrooms, spinach and green peppers to put on his head. He skipped onions and garlic, purposely. Then his breath was good enough for the bride.
  • He lifted her bridal veil and she opened his pizza box. "Hey!" she exclaimed, "I ordered onions and garlic!" From above, Eros sent a shish kebob of the missing ingredients. Saved!


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    Sell that one to Disney!

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