Ron loaded his father's shotgun knowing he

  • Ron loaded his father's shotgun knowing he threatened his estranged mother with it during arguments, but after several weeks his mother still lived. Ron, despondent jumped out out

  • of the Plane Plane. He Had two Parachute Chutes. Ron was seeing, hearing, and doing things in double double. Once he said, I'm gonna get the papers, get the papers. He couldn't

  • stop stop living in double double double. Wait. Oh no no no. That was a triple triple triple. Ron (to the third) looked out of the plane plane plane at the three planets below.

  • below below. Ronald Ronald Ronald wished there was a cure cure cure for this. "It's it's it's the Three Planets of Tres!" He shouted as he looked out out out the starship. I I

  • I was impressed by its sheer size and shouted,"Très bon!" The captain of the giant starship soon sent a trio of messages to us, and Ronald Ronald Ronald decoded them. 1) We want

  • You to tear down the wall, or else. 2) You must carefully read the instructions we give you and follow them exactly as written down and 3)

  • This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds. We hope you have an escape route. Cheers!

  • KA-BLAM! Nothing left of the original message. No way to pick up the trail again. Everybody felt pretty bummed. One of them had an idea, howerver:

  • he called up one of his friends, an agent working for Scotland Yard. He explained the situation and two hours later, they had a new lead. They set course to Venice, where

  • they gave up detective work and became beatniks. They played bongoes and never bathed again and made art that looked like trash and wore eye liner and never looked back. The End.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 14 2016 @ 18:07

    The End.

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