One hot summer day, a few friends and I decided

  • One hot summer day, a few friends and I decided to go to the swimming pool for the afternoon. We all thought it was a great idea since we had the whole afternoon free.
  • As we entered the pool, we noticed that they had added a huge slide to the recreation area. It was at least 10 stories high. I was the first to try it. As I went down the slide,
  • I sensed a disturbance in my guts. Suddenly it felt as if hot lava had replaced my insides and just as I entered the pool water at the bottom of the slide I felt
  • a vesuvian eruption burst out my backside as I skittered over the surface of the pool and a few bobbing heads before submerging. My brown streak confused the lane swimmers at first
  • , though once they caught a whiff of my cheating they started shouting incoherently at the coach. The man didn't need words, his whole swimming pool was turning to chocolate.
  • because little Ralphie's diaper was full when I lowered him in the pool. Boy was coach
  • to Cheeta. Jane was coach to Ka. And to Cheeta. Jane was coach to Ka. Ka was coach to Mowgli.
  • Mowgli would have been coach if he had more experience in the jungle. Instead he watched the scene play out before him. Cheeta and Ka eyed Jane. Dick jumped out from the bushes
  • And protected Jane, Spot at his side. Was this the same jungle he had seen the documentary about on the tellie (there was no cable tv)? It looked familiar, somehow. Back to school
  • he went, pondering in his heart all that had happened. He felt a jolt & awoke to find the teacher glaring down at him, disgusted at his daydreaming state. Detention for two weeks!


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