después de un largo camnio por la ladera

  • después de un largo camnio por la ladera
  • llegue a la cumbre de la montaña. Y vi una cosa maravillosa, la mas grande y linda
  • era un angel endriago en la
  • The UN translator was drunk, "In this era, of angles...um... angels and dragons in Los Angles, we....hic" The ambassador from Chile removed his ear piece and sighed.
  • There had once been a time, the ambassador thought to himself, that translators had class, standards. He sighed again as he thought of the one from Chile he could have brought
  • To a coronation or a sleezy tango bar. He'd switch from upper crusty to street lingo as the case required. Mendez had class. But this dolt Finnegan's translating led from one fiasc
  • o to another. Even Mendez's charm was not enough to keep them from landing in jail after Finnegan's last screw-up mis-translating, "Hey baby can I buy you a drink?" into
  • "Hey baby can I buy you a drink?" Apparently Finnegan's alcoholic belches did not go over well, and Mendez was not as cordial as he like to think. Jail adapted well to them, in
  • due time, however. Finnegan & Mendez adopted a cell routine after a while. Finnegan promised not to belch sing if Mendez would smile once in a while. It worked for a while, until
  • Mendez started smiling a little too much & invaded Finnegan's personal space & well, you know... Echoes of "I'm Never Gonna Dance Again" resounded through the prison walls. Wham!


  1. PurpleProf Mar 13 2014 @ 14:52

    Careless whispers...

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