"Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.""PersiennePersiennePersienne""No

  • "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.""PersiennePersiennePersienne""No meio do caminho tinha uma pedra.Tinha uma pedra no meio do caminho."Five languages she spoke and poetry still
  • eluded her. She just didn't have an ear for rhyming words. Whaaat?! You say poetry doesn't have to rhyme? Yeah, well tell that to Dr. Suess, the greatest poet that ever lived.
  • She was still enamored of those classics "One Fish, Two Fish" & "Green Eggs & Ham" she started every day with a red fish, a blue fish & green eggs consumed at a new location. Today
  • she became enamored with "The Butter Battle Book", and she added two pieces of toast to her daily meal, with one piece always buttered differently than the other. I just worried
  • that the cat in the hat couldn't get to the mat and that the flat
  • man could not compete with the cat man when it came to the curvy ladies at the Trattoria della Sera, where
  • the craving for chicken and waffles spread like Food Herp's. But the cat man was here for an entirely different reason. Time to face the fiddler, Scatman Corothers entered the
  • fray. Food herps is like food herpes but without the social cachet. Scatman Corothers could give you a dose by his fiddling alone. He fiddled while you burned. Burned the pork chop
  • at both ends. It was a flying Hawaiian afternoon. Broke several strings in one sitting. Mr. Crothers, or Scatman, as he was better known, took a spill off his stool.
  • The bartender helped him back up so he could end the evening with a little dignity. "Thanksh Misher," slurred Scatman before he left in a daze. No more late-night luaus for him.


  1. SlimWhitman Jul 26 2015 @ 04:37

    "Burning the pork chop at both ends" a new Foldingstory euphemism for...

  2. lucielucie Jul 27 2015 @ 15:09

    .... for putting too many food puns in one fold.

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