How about now? Can we try making a folding

  • How about now? Can we try making a folding story that stays on topic the whole way now?

  • Sometimes at night, I get quite a fright, when under my bed, there's a

  • severed head. I pound off my beer, to get rid of the fear. Then get on my slippers and fire up the wood chippers. In goes the head, from under me bed. You might think it's funny,

  • she hops like a bunny. Sally is silly and Billy is chilly. A blow to the head caused Joe to be dead. I sing broken things and fling smokin' wings. Rook is to rock as cook is to

  • male chicken, my rhymes the might falter but the story will quicken. Silly Sally and Chilly Billy were accused of manslaughter done involuntarily, for the blow to Sally's beau Joe

  • had caused him to die of very very slow brain trauma, which was strange, because the blow had stuck Joe in the left butt-cheek, not his head at all.

  • The doctors looked in befuddlement at Joe's MRI result: his brain was attached to his lower intestine. "This ain't no ordinary Joe" to quote a doctor. It was Gastro Intestinal Joe!

  • We knew it was Gastro Intestinal Joe by his theme song that proceeded him everywhere. If you didn't know it was Gastro Intestinal Joe, you did by the time you heard the theme song

  • titled "It's Gastro Intestinal Joe" performed by Infidel Gastro & his Faithless Gastropods who proceeded him everywhere banging sheets of corrugated iron & singing "It's Gastro Int

  • -estinal Joe's party, and he'll cry if he wants to!" Naturally, it was a big hit, and later covered by Country Gastrointestinal Joe and the Fish Heads.



  1. Gibber Jul 23 2019 @ 14:55

    Country Gastrointestinal Joe. I laughed so hard it hurt.

  2. Woab Jul 23 2019 @ 15:06

    Me too! A delighted thanks to dealrnodeal for reviving this story and continuing the legend of Gastrointestinal Joe for us! "Infidel Gastro & his Faithless Gastropods" sounds like a class act, Gibber!

  3. dealrnodeal Jul 24 2019 @ 07:30

    I couldn't resist. It was the perfect setup for GI Joe.

  4. SlimWhitman Jul 25 2019 @ 06:54

    Oh man, that was a good laugh!

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