Footsteps on the dance floor remind me baby

  • Footsteps on the dance floor remind me baby of you. Tear drops in my eye eyes, next time I'll be true. Whispers in the powder room, she cries on every tune, every tune, every tune
  • gags me a little more. Really when did this become a sappy ass love song. I much preferred the hard ass lyrics of bands like Slayer and Metallica bring on the METAL . Welcome to
  • my world, where GWAR now sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". It almost makes me want to punch a bunny rabbit, which is exactly what I planned on doing. I found some carrots & went
  • to the local humane society and asked to see the rabbit cage. I dangled the carrots by the door and punched every rabbit as they came close. Of course, the cops were eventually
  • alerted and I ended up sharing a jail cell with Mike Tyson. I lived in fear he'd find out I was serving time for rabbit punching.
  • Mike Tyson was known to look down on cruelty to non-human animals. He was my hero, so I lied. "I didn't punch rabbits, I punched my wife. I swear." "You aight," he said, smiling.
  • What I didn't tell Mike Tyson, however, was that my wife is Jessica Rabbit....and that I had agents from both PETA and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence after me.
  • Me and Mike cruised by the Miami landscape. "So, where did you last see your wife," the professional boxer turned P.I. asked me. "In that shady alley way behind MEGACORP's building
  • inspector." Me and Mike looked over at the building inspector. He looked like an anvil in a dirty suit. He smoked a cheroot.
  • The inspector tipped his porkpie hat and handed us a greasy note. "Yep, she looks all right by me!" I closed the door "I don't trust him, Mike" I said as the roof caved in.


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