After angrily looking around for my charger

  • After angrily looking around for my charger i realize that
  • it was in my pocket the whole time. I take it out and notice that this doesnt look like my exact charger. I try to plug my phone into it and it wont fit. I get up and...
  • throw it against the wall and walk away. I needed my actual charger, without it i couldn't
  • use my phone to do things i need to manage ...call people + do the things i weant to do on a daily basis
  • like text to king kong, watch Teletubies, and
  • barney the big
  • dino umpire finally put his foot down. He didn't look so fluffy and friendly at night. "Now look, children -- either play the game or get off the court." The floodlights started to
  • flood, and the foghorns started to fog, so I had no choice but to go home. I made a nasty expression at the umpire, tossed my gum over my shoulder, and started running. I wanted
  • to make it to first base, but suddenly there was torrential downpour. Being surprised at this moment, during the last game of the year, I slipped halfway to the plate and
  • I went into a never-ending coma. This is the most tragic part of my life.


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