"I've been in this water for hours, and my

  • "I've been in this water for hours, and my eye sting," thought the baby rat, as he hung for life onto the Polaris hose. He looked up to see Giagantor and his wife Don't-Kill-It,

  • drowing. Nicodemus fooled around with the scientists' chemicals and created an explosion and fire that set off the sprinklers, now the rats swam for dear life. The baby rat

  • began to drown. "Help I can't swim" But all the other rats were frantically swimming for their own life, and didn't help. Then, Nicodemus had a change of heart. He swooped down and

  • grabbed the miserable creature and brought him to his nest. "You look like a wet rat" said Nicodemus wife Nastidemas, but the wily old raven said "This one's special my chicadee.

  • ..if you know what I mean." Nastidemas didn't know, and didn't like that look in his eyes. She said,"I have news for you ol' raven. That's no chick. That's---" But the bird flew

  • away into the sullen darkness. There was no time to waste on speculation; it was time for action immediately. Nastimedas marched towards the open window and without thought leapt

  • up and down on the creaky floor - Nastimedas's thinking dance. "I need a snappy comeback to that Nasty Midas" nickname, he or she thought. "Maybe Lumpy Lindy, or Bashful Bort will

  • Cause the pest police to come and kill all of us. " Nastimeda waited anxiously to find out. It was a matter of when, not if. Time went by slowly. Tick tock tick tock tick tock...

  • After a while the waiting got uncomfortable and we had to walk around in the woods for while dressed in our best furs. We walked on all fours and howled at the moon.

  • We sang with our friends and mated for life and took care of our young and forgot all about our former lives. When our number finally came up, we ran and hid and never looked back.



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