It felt liberating, having just lost all

  • It felt liberating, having just lost all of your savings. Marc walked away from the poker-table without looking back. Bystanders were mocking him. Most of them were. He didn't

  • mind his poker losses, tho. In 10 years he will have made it all back, if he fixed 208 cars a day. Tina will gladly move to a homeless shelter 'long as it's with him, Marc figured.

  • But it turned out Marc did not know Tina anywhere near as well as he thought he had. Tina had other, more sinister plans. She decided he would pay for his mistakes by first taking

  • his most precious item; his teddy bear. Tina snuck up slowly behind the sleeping Marc, tip toeing ever so slightly, as to not wake him up. When the time was right, she sprang onto

  • the next trendy food fad, right now, she was all over the artisinal gluten-free ciabatta bread. She let Marc sleep. He was having a power nap but when he awoke she'd be another

  • regular person. 10 hours later, he woke up and they went through their day like nothing really happened. As she went to the gym that day,

  • the same letch in the beat up Kia Sportage with the LadyMormont2020 bumper sticker on the back of her tight yoga pants, was giving her the up & down. Her leer was invasive & didn't

  • clash with her earrings, but when she talked in that high baby voice, even her shoes rolled their eyes. Mamie (from the coffee shop) frowned as Babette shimmied past her window.

  • "Wouldja lookit that child!" Mamie tsked. "When will she ever grow up?" Babette tootled at Mamie, blew her a kiss, & skipped joyfully into the sun. Life was good.



  1. Woab May 16 2018 @ 12:25

    I like that devil-may-care ending, Prof.

  2. PurpleProf May 16 2018 @ 18:32

    Well, since Tina became another person, it was easy for her to dump Marc and start all over again...as Babette.

  3. Woab May 17 2018 @ 11:14

    Babytalk or not, Babette is no dummy.

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