No matter how far he went, teenagers continued

  • No matter how far he went, teenagers continued to harass Mr. Shore. They seemed to get worse and worse every time he moved to another town. Just now, one of them was knocking.

  • Of course, Mr Shore could only assume it was a teenager. He could only assume the knocker was alive and human. Such assumptions had put him in grave danger before and may yet prove

  • to be his undoing. He decided to exercise caution with this particular knocker. "He.. hello?", he stammered. "Are you alive, human, older than 12 and younger than 20?" The knocker

  • Disengaged its jaw and swallowed him whole. Heading down the gullet, his first thought was what the hell? As he moved into its stomach he thought I hope it doesn't have acid reflux

  • It didn't but the regular stomach acids were bad enough. Inside the creature's stomach the levels of thallium were beyond any protection I might have put on my suit if I had known.

  • I had to get out of here quickly, before my skin sloughed off my body. I pulled the bowie knife out of my boot and slashed blindly at the creature's slimy stomach walls.

  • I cut through the heavy layer of fat and finally oozed myself out of the beast's belly. It felt like a Caesarian birth from the inside out. The thing twisted and moaned as it died.

  • As I wipe the ooze off my eyes, I saw another beast holding its dearest. Few weeks later, I am now a proud member of the family Grrrhrrrar, and I'm now getting ready for beast scho

  • -lastic gymnastics. Animal style to be specific. My beast brother-in-law has been teaching me the ins and outs of beast scholastic gymnastics. I was the first human in the events.

  • Druid isn't a job class you can just go to school for. You gotta train out in the field. And that has made all the difference.



  1. Zetawilk Oct 15 2020 @ 17:26

    And you don't need to huff hamsters to achieve it.

  2. Ped_Xing Oct 15 2020 @ 23:47

    But, I'm sure, it doesn't hurt to huff a hamster or three at a time. You know, to stay in the game.

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