my name is nell ,hihihihi,from china

  • my name is nell ,hihihihi,from china

  • Ah Nell, my great friend from China. You are welcome here so far. Your internet oversight will not know that you are here. Thank you for explaining the visit of your Chairman,

  • Of The Board, Frank Sinatra-Impersonator from China, he was great, especially realistic racist jokes. Too bad he went nuts at the Karoake bar and

  • foolishly attempted back-to-back-to-back versions of Tuesday's Gone. When the song started a third time the audience turned on the lounge singer and

  • left the room. Only Elvira remained. The sounds of the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band brought back memories of being a Groupie, before she started dating Alabama. Yes, all of them.

  • Of course, by dating, we mean teaching them to read. It was only after the reading lesson that she would sleep with them. (Yes, all of them). The members of Alabama were grateful

  • to their lusty tutor for learnin' them to read Seuss classics like "One fish, two fish" and "Green eggs & ham". They came out of retirement and went platinum with country hits like

  • Dick and Jane went behind the barn just to fool around. Dick tried to get past Go, after Jane said NO, so Jane busted his crown. See Spot Run when Dick got his gun, that dog was no

  • stranger to fleeing an armed man, but in this case, he didn't know Dick.

  • Nor did Dick know him. Well, actually Dick had known him. Dick had known him many, many times.



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