Each anniversary, The Kraken would light

  • Each anniversary, The Kraken would light a candle for Father Merin at St. Mary's By The Sea. It was Merin who had alerted The Kraken to the Invisible Ocean and its predators. But E

  • numerated Bothers would tip the candle over when The Kraken looked away, blaming it on terminally ill winds. He hated the flame so. And solace would never be his, for

  • she was promised to another. Just as he had been promised to Discord, aka Eris. The Kraken & Eris sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, 1st comes SCEECH. Funny, the record always ends

  • just before the word "love," as if someone, perhaps the goddess of chaos herself, was preventing its utterance out of spite. Or maybe

  • the goddess of chaos was herself in love with the lord of order. I began to see the world more clearly knowing this story, the capricious grandeur of it. Those two were in cahoots!

  • Two girls, aged 14 and 15, were allegedly taken from their dates by a gang of filthy

  • senior citizens with eyesight so bad that they couldn't tell a date from a prune. The two teen girls escaped from the old folks home by disguising themselves as dietitians and

  • telling its elderly residents that for the sake of their health all salt, sugar, grains, dairy & meat would be cut out of their diet. The old folks threw the 2 girls out, instead.

  • They were not politically correct, but they knew their days were numbered and they didn't care. They were not your typical useful idiots. The two girls found a flat at 2713 H St.

  • They mopped the floor with fabric softener, cooked dinner in the dishwasher & were geniuses in their own rights professionally. A cult was created in their honor based upon quirks.



  1. BlastedHeath Aug 25 2016 @ 19:37

    "Because we're Addamses."

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