It's so cold in the office where I'm interning.

  • It's so cold in the office where I'm interning. I have to take a sweatshirt with me, even though the weather outside is scorching.
  • Guess that's typical human behavior. We're never really satisfied. It's crazy how simple climatic displeasure can lead me down such a deep train of thought. I'm not happy with my
  • left nostril, it's about 0.4mm wider than the right one. I can't afford a plastic surgeon with my job as a barista, so I've taken to dealing McNuggets on the side.
  • I've compartmentalized by barista life from my McNuggets life. Nobody in either life knows about the other life. That has worked out well for the last 15 months until today. Soko i
  • nadvertently mentioned she was feeling a bit peckish and fancied some McD's fries. Far be it for me to deny her that right. Just as we pulled in to the parking lot, my to world's c
  • ollided, literally. I was so distracted by my lovers face I drove right into the back of my wifes car. She had told me she frequently came here for lunch, how did that slip my mind
  • ? "WTF?" my wife screamed at me as she got out of of her smashed up car. I braced myself & glanced back to my lover. "Just...follow my lead," I whispered & then faced my wife.
  • "She made me run into your car!" I yelled, pointing at my mistress. "Why, you miserable coward!"my mistress screamed. "Who the heck is she?" my wife yelped. "My stock broker!" I
  • took both my wife's and mistress' hands and held them together. I said "Common gals. Let's just put this all behind us." I added "I love you. You love her. She loves me." Why can't
  • they just see what was so clear to me? The three of us were meant to be! After studying each other for a few seconds they both nodded and squeezed my hands. Smiling they kissed me.


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