If I start a story...

  • If I start a story...
  • we will go forest
  • Y comeremos ketsup
  • if i play nintendo switch
  • wi will go to my house
  • or maybe to the pizza place down the street because i'm hungry and they've got a pinball machine that I like. And then we fire the missiles.
  • so we decimate their land and they give us the pinball machine a taco bell franchise
  • sometimes I wonder if they ever questioned us. I knew the answer wsa yes.
  • But I kept the answer to myself. If the mice could speak then that meant that
  • they were a potential danger for us. Every single mouse that lives on this planet is needed to be killed, otherwise a nuclear war between human race and mice is inevitable.


  1. Estel Feb 28 2023 @ 11:37

    If I start a story we will go forest

  2. KieferSkunk Mar 01 2023 @ 04:39

    Are you sure you aren't all the same person?

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