In the darkness of the night, I saw a blinkering

  • In the darkness of the night, I saw a blinkering shiny eyes. It is as if someone is there watching me.
  • From the direction I'm looking a bat flew out,"EEK!" i screamed,its just a bat after all,...but then i heard footsteps behind.."What was that?"....
  • I am alone in the house. There shouldn't be anyone here with me. My mind was spinning, and all sorts of images played in my head. Was there an intruder in the house?
  • Jesus, I'm only two months old, I don't even know what an intruder is. Gulp. I hear something. Oh god, what depraved awful thing will happen. Wait, what's that pain? I'm all wet
  • and warm -- I am submerged, bathed in...placenta! Oh Lord, now I am a fetus! Only minutes ago I was a balding, middle-aged insurance broker. Soon, I will be an embryo, and then
  • soon I will witness my own inception! Now I'm a sperm, receding from the egg rotating like a world below me. Swimming backwards with a flock of sperm towards the entrance. Oh no!
  • Now is when I should have been witness to my own inception. Is this instead when I witness my own destruction? Will I cease to exist in the moments to come? Will I ever be able to
  • stop with the questions. Always the questions! KABOOOOM! I ceased with the questions. After it had stopped raining dust, a large cockroach scuttled out of its hole to find a bite
  • and it was blood it found. It came slow and great, and the cockroach swept out in its molasses warmth. It died with a full belly.
  • Before it died however it whispered to its children "i have always hated you"


  1. PurpleProf Aug 22 2015 @ 10:58

    Acid trip?

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