A Levantine man approached my house yesterday.

  • A Levantine man approached my house yesterday. Maybe it was me, but he smelled like saltwater and pule, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

  • He was carrying lobsters in his suitcase, which squirmed uncontrollably. "Can you fix this for me", he asked. One lobster got loose and said, "Hiya!" whilst the water broke loose

  • and splashed across the floor. Well, that's what happens.

  • And that's what did happen. There was no time to celebrate. I had to cross 1000 miles through a barren wasteland in 4 hours on foot. This wasn't going to be easy. I saddled my

  • cheetah so my pet collie could ride in comfort. After a mile I threw chivalry to the winds and rode the animal myself. Bye, Lassie! I was now on schedule, but a desert traffic cop

  • caught me riding a cheetah outside the savannah with no permit.My cheetah was confiscated & I continued on foot to the sea where I pretended distress to ride a dolphin name Flipper

  • . The saddle straps slipped and I went under in more ways than one. Flipper was too smart for his own good. For a time he took control of the reins and

  • I discovered how much I loved being a woman and a woman's body and soul in the arms of a worthy lover whose joy drives and is driven by her joy as well. Flipper was my first.

  • But since Flipper had no arms to put around my body and soul, he was not my only love. Wretched fins! From there I went on to lovers with more human appendages. My world was

  • bland and boring as the never-ending parade of vanilla suitors marched in and out of my duplex. No moment topped that one special night I spent with Flipper. No moment ever will.



  1. LordVacuity Sep 18 2017 @ 20:21

    Flipper flipping lives!

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