This is the story of how one man, armed only

  • This is the story of how one man, armed only with his Adult ADHD, overlooked overt obstacles, over-thought overwhelming odds and overslept all opportunities, to blaze a trail

  • in the Gym. This man's Adult ADHD made him the most powerful gym rat ever known. As soon as he started on the treadmill he lunged at the pull up bar, then saw the bench press.

  • He screamed. He was terrified of bench presses. Everyone looked at him, surprised. When he would not stop screaming, they had to throw him out.

  • And lock him out. He stood out in the cold, unable to re-enter the gym. As he slowly but surely froze and starved simultaneously he screamed out

  • -ward into the universe and sure enough, the Little Sisters of Nosiness came speeding by on their unicycles to see what was the matter. "I'm hungry and frozen," he told them.

  • The Little Sisters looked at each other willing the others to understand for them all. None of them did but as their demeanor was non-threatening the man assumed they'd understood.

  • Little Sister #1sat there fidgeting. The man had left town in a hurry and left no phone number or address. Three years later, he was found murdered.

  • I asked my little sister (#1) pointblank, "Did you kill that transient that left our house so many years ago?" "Nope." "Well that's a..." "Number 2 did it."

  • "That's quite the accusation. Got any proof?" I asked and stared down at my little sister (#1). She returned my stare and solemnly stated, "I took Poloroids." She opened the filing

  • cabinet she kept next to her Barbie Castle Playset. "Hmm...Dad at Hooters...Mom the weekend Dad was away...Greg showering...Ah, here it is!" Gasp- me reaching into the cookie jar!



  1. LordVacuity Dec 31 2017 @ 04:27

    If the cookie breaks, that tramp paid full stakes.

  2. Woab Dec 31 2017 @ 10:39

    The revealing story of how an ADHD trip to the gym led to the cookie jar.

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