Have you ever seen one? I saw my first one

  • Have you ever seen one? I saw my first one in Nebraska in '07. Always wanted to see one, but in the end, it just kinda found me. We were in a field at night and I felt

  • with my heightened senses rather than saw a pair of balls floating in the Nebraskan sky. They were the bluest balls I'd ever seen and revolved and zapped here and there. OMG! UFO!

  • LOL! Yep, there they were the Giant Big Blue Balls of Nebraska, they floated and swelled up over the midwestern sky, now, these giant pair of Blue Balls used to belong to Paul Bun

  • ion before he found that a foul plot was afoot and gave them to a friend for safekeeping. But the Giant Big Blue Balls could not be contained! They breached the border

  • s Bookstore and trampled the literate hipsters, broke college students, and confused elderly that frequent such stores. Fox New's collection of reporters who saw it would later say

  • that it was a hoax, but this time Faux News fooled few. Several of those bookstore browsers made cell phone videos of the bizarre events as they unfolded and uploaded them to

  • Myspace like the bunch of normies they are. But since no one regulated Myspace since it was dead, Faux News had no power over the citizens as they flocked to find unregulated news

  • At channels like Infowars and X22. The faux news anchors were flummoxed and searched for Valium on their desks lest they freak put on the air. Worm-mouth Jones fell out his chair.

  • "This is the beginning of the end," said Worm-mouth Jones as he lay on the floor of the news station, looking at his broken tail. The cameras didn't capture this, though, since

  • the cameramen had already found their ends and were kissing them goodbye. Besides, that lightning bolt that had broken his tail also fried all electronics in the building. By Jove!



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