Big Bob cut the cheese in homeopathically

  • Big Bob cut the cheese in homeopathically thin slices because

  • his restaurant was becoming more and more like a fastfood joint and it became all about pinching pennies wherever you could. But Big Bob's boy was something different. No sir,

  • "Yes sir. The entire unit was wiped out. Those two are still alive. The vector? Yes sir, FoxDie should become activated soon... Right on schedule."

  • HQ was pleased, but dispatch relayed another message for our outpost, which laid 2 parsecs from the galactic core.The FoxDie sequence was to help reverse the genocide our troops su

  • ummed up on the ancient Slide Rules of Ontyx, gossamer playthings that seemed to always predict genocide, especially when the galactic ice cream supply ran low.

  • It was a proven fact, predictions were in direct proportion to the galactic ice cream supply. The lower the ice cream supply the gloomier the prediction, Ontyx citizens knew this

  • and only supplied ice cream if the prediction benefited them. Once they wanted a prediction that Ontyx would win the light speed luge in the 20020 Galymics. There was so much ice c

  • Ream that it required my uncle to bury it in the snow. He knew it would spoil before then, so he canned it and buried it the cold room icebox. When the 20020 Games were opening,

  • a new Suicide Station they found the icebox time capsule. 20,003 years had elapsed since it had entered the icebox and it was as flimsy as it had been that last day. But sudden exp

  • -losions occurred as the ancient Hires Root Beet it contained thawed and went through nuclear changes. The future people now thought they knew what was meant by the term H bomb.



  1. Woab Jun 05 2017 @ 10:17

    I guess that the Ontyx were going to make root beer floats.

  2. pinky Jun 05 2017 @ 16:03

    But HOW did you guess Woab? Its gotta be that weird fs post cognizance or pre-post post sentience or whatever we decided to call it. Pre (post?)dicting...you're good at it! H-bomb - brilliant! Narf!

  3. Woab Jun 05 2017 @ 16:10

    Holy cats (excuse the expression, Pinky) I just noticed that I wrote 'Root Beet' instead of 'Root Beer'! I like your term "Post-dicting!

  4. Rebbie Jun 07 2017 @ 18:19

    Woab has the power of the bunny. Post-dicting is her specialty. That will be one ice cream cone per session.

  5. pinky Jun 08 2017 @ 22:02

    Squeeek! There are cats?! And these cats are holy? Knarf! I don't want to disrespect your spirituality Woab...but I'm conflicted! Squeeknarf...squeeknarf...hiccup! Oh and ...strange...I READ root "beet" and thought "it's a social commentary about how the future people rejected the evil corn (hi fructose corn syrup, corn clothing, corn fuel, corn cell phones). In the enlightened future the beet is the new king. Even the root beer is beet root. Woab is so funny!" I didn't really think that. Typo I thought. But it could've happened the way I said, right? That would make you Woab the funny post-dicting power bunny. I'm very tired I need a long nap, knarf!

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