Query: where do babies come from? The precocious

  • Query: where do babies come from? The precocious 3-year-old always had the most annoying way of bringing up difficult subjects.
  • I sat the pig-tailed toddler on my lap and explained that when a man and a woman want to have a baby, they simply ask God to give them one, and 9 months later, the baby comes
  • because the Mom had been secretly schtooping the UPS delivery guy because Dad was more interested in saving himself for Jesus than the making Mom happy "down there." Her child
  • looked very much like the UPS guy. Dad welcomed him into the family, and
  • said, "Son, if you want to date my daughter, I'll expect you to get some longer shorts."
  • He laughed and tapped the end of my junk. I didn't realize he'd still had his cigarette in that hand until I woke up in the ER. Apparently, some cherries should remain untouched.
  • But I have a thing for cherries,they're like aphrodisiac to me and I won't hold down on my instincts.So I grab the nurse's cherry and as she has no objection about
  • really shopworn double entendre's because she works downtown. The nurse has seen it all. Burn victims with urinary track infections, heart attack victims with gerbils
  • inside their esophagi, screwdrivers lodged in orbital sockets, seriously she'd seen everything. She wasn't going to be convinced by this newcomer that anything had changed.
  • She continued drinking her tea, brushing aside the debris like it was so much ash.


  1. sundancer May 25 2011 @ 23:50

    Davood, sometimes you are funny and sometimes I think you don't fully read the fold before yours because a lot of the time, your fold makes no sense and doesn't flow with the sentence before it.

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