It was a miracle. Ninja Pope, scooped from

  • It was a miracle. Ninja Pope, scooped from the volcano by God's own hand, awoke, alive & smoldering on the slope of Devil's Mountain. Flying nuns circled over him in the red sky.
  • "I'm...I'm alive!" the Ninja Pope gasped, looking down at his hands. "But...but how?" He decided not to dwell on it too long, and instead went out to celebrate at a
  • Lazarus born again dance party. Ninja Pope put on his party vestments, a red saturno & six inch heeled go go boots. When he got on the dance floor to do his moves, his arch nemesis
  • Cardinal Fang, in a shiny white suit with massive lapels, struck a pose on the glass floor. Ninja Pope danced around him busting various cool moves. Lazurus went back to bed with a
  • black eye. Ninja Pope had karate like dance moves. Lazurus had a chocolate stuffed under his nose, but somehow it didn't taste as good as usual, especially after
  • licking the gold flakes off it. Now it tasted downright disgusting. Lazurus felt nauseated. Ninja Pope kicked his way through the kitchen door and demanded he hand over the choccy.
  • It was at that moment through the fog of the opium that Karen suddenly suspected that their encounter the night before had not been so much by chance but by calculated design.
  • She soon forgot this insight as Santa began to speak. She had always loved Santa. So generous. She gazed up into his clear blue eyes and saw that someone was flying a kite in them.
  • Santa's soft words and the sight of the kites gently swaying in the blue skies of his eyes lulled her to blissful sleep. She dreamed of cotton candy pillows and red and white
  • Balloons blowing all over the house. One landed in her room, and touched her while she slept. She reached out and only got the string. Then the bubble burst and she woke up.


  1. Woab Jul 25 2016 @ 15:01

    Maybe the balloons in the last line are the dream form of the flying nuns in the first line. Or not.

  2. Dhanithecat Jul 25 2016 @ 16:50

    Could be!

  3. SlimWhitman Jul 25 2016 @ 17:08

    The backstories... http://foldingstory.com/izbwu/

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