After working, i decided to go home, when

  • After working, i decided to go home, when i came out of my office.Suddenly , the electricity in the office went off. i was shock to see the current went out,in front of me stood
  • rooted to the ground as i also saw something passed by in front of me, i thought is a shadow of a car at first but not long the shadow of the same size apperared again, and this
  • freaking me out.I have goosebump on my both hand.There it goes again,the shadow...I started my car engine but it cannot be started.I pray if someone would help me but
  • there is no one around. Wild thoughts running through my mind. Why is hat shadow bothering me?
  • What had I done that made the shawdow bothering me?why am I so frighten of it?
  • Am I having a phobia of shadows? Was I imagining things? I rubbed my eyes but it only made it...
  • worse. The vision didn't wanted to go away, which could only mean one thing. That it was... real? Was all of this real? Well, now I was officially freaking out. Of course, it would
  • haunt me for years. One of the shadows opened its infernal trap and spoke: "Hey, I'm Stan. Everything ok?" Horror of horrors! Was this real? Convulsing in abject terror, I screamed
  • inside my head, but somehow feigned a calm demeanor, answering, "Oh hey, Stan. Yup, everything's just fine. Fine & dandy." Stan the shadow replied, "Good, 'cause in about 5 seconds
  • you will be getting some unwelcome news about your car insurance."


  1. PurpleProf Jul 15 2014 @ 21:05

    Hahaa! I like your ending, siyahamba!

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