In a rush to save the lust of your life,

  • In a rush to save the lust of your life, you

  • Got run over by the zombies playing Pokemon Go in your neighbourhood. How disgusting they looked. Your life was saved by X the Guerilla Economist. You were luckier than you know!

  • Firstly, by skillful use of The Invisible Hand she milked your prostate with not even a 'how do you do'. She then redid your taxes for the last five years. Can you say REFUND?!!!!

  • Yes, Hillary was willing to anything to win your vote. Her invisible hand prostate milker and tax planning services was just some of them. The most horrible of course was the wax

  • ..." Fudgey the Whale switched off the TV. He was sick to death of all the outlandish claims the candidates were making about each other. He wanted to live in peace in his

  • little ocean full of well schooled fish and big brained mammals. So Fudgey the Whale forgot all about the election. But then fishing trollers came and

  • everything changed. This post-apocalyptic apolitical aquatic election was about to go down. Fudgey the whale gathered his blubber and Sammy the seahorse readied his chainsaw. It wa

  • s over before it began as the event was overrun by flying saucers shooting death rays and EMP pulses. Fudgey the Whale was an easy target & Sam the Seahorse was in the blast zone.

  • "No!" screamed Sparkles the Dolphin. "Fudgey! Sam!" She sobbed wet dolphin tears over the bodies of her fallen comrades. "I will avenge you," she promised, looking up at the UFOs.

  • The UFOs shot away at incredible speed making right angle turns. Sparkles shook her fist at the UFOs. Wait, dolphins don't have hands, & so she was unable to carry out her promise.



  1. LordVacuity Jul 26 2018 @ 17:12

    Are you kidding? Dolphins are armed to the snout. I saw General George Patton himself giving them some of their early training. Too bad about his daughter getting lost into hardcore porn. Terrible thing to happen to a fellow chewing gum chewer. But, that is what happens when the President lets the Russian Ambassador into the War Room. Did they check him for a pack of Russian cigarettes with a camera in it?

  2. LordVacuity Jul 26 2018 @ 17:17

    the rest is skiffing on George C. Scott.

  3. Woab Jul 27 2018 @ 15:23

    Dolphins may be armed, but they still don't have hands with which to form fists that they might shake at the sky.

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