By the time Emma reached the dormitory, she

  • By the time Emma reached the dormitory, she had a pounding headache. All she wanted to do was find her dorm room, drop off her things, and flop down on her bed for a long nap, but
  • returned to find that she'd been assigned to a new room, with a new roommate. Emma's headache worsened when she realized that she'd be up all rearranging her collection of
  • plastic figurines in order to move them to the new room. But she couldn't concentrate right now. Emma slumped down onto her bed and closed her eyes, welcoming the darkness.
  • Emma woke up to discover that the plastic figurines had vanished from the room. She checked in the closet, under the bed, behind the curtains, but to no avail. Who had moved them?
  • where had they gone?
  • Had they gone into the mist the local people were warning us not to go to? I'm having a bad feeling about this,are they even alive?will they return ?
  • No. The foolish mortals have had their time. Now they belong to the Glory of Angstrag. They will soon be forgotten like so many before them. Angstrang cares not for thier
  • furthered existence, so see to their extinction Fleet Admiral Echs. As usual, plunder the planet & strip it of all the resources the Fleet needs. Check with Resources for any speci
  • -es on the planet that might be of danger to us. If you see any humans, the entire mission will be cancelled. You cannot trust them. They lie, cheat and chew sugarless gum.
  • Unfazed, Gleep smuggled a duplicitous waitress onto the spaceship. In hyperspace the warp filament fell off the Hurwityz manifold, but they stuck it back on with gum. Invasion on!


  1. PurpleProf Aug 16 2018 @ 22:08

    Believe me, stranger things happen in college dorms.

  2. Woab Aug 17 2018 @ 12:58

    Excellent use of the gum, Slim!

  3. SlimWhitman Oct 06 2018 @ 15:16

    Seemed like the pivotal detail in PP's fold. ????

  4. SlimWhitman Oct 06 2018 @ 15:16

    Duh, I mean in your fold. Credit where its due.

  5. SlimWhitman Oct 06 2018 @ 15:18

    But I'd be happy for some college dorm-inspired folding stories from any of you foldsters.

  6. LordVacuity Oct 06 2018 @ 15:19

    I know I hate it when the filament fails on my Hurwityz manifold, so I can really identify with your solution Slim. I don't know why I stopped carrying gum but believe me, it is a situation I am going to change right now. I hope the bloodshed won't be too great.

  7. LordVacuity Oct 06 2018 @ 15:21

    Nope, there wasn't much blood and also didn't find out why I stopped carrying gum. I am guessing I must have had a good reason. Therefore, I am going to continue the policy of not carrying gum until such time as new information comes in that makes reopen the question.

  8. SlimWhitman Oct 06 2018 @ 15:30

    Gum can come in handy in a tight spot, but in Singapore its a liability. Maybe that's when you stopped packing spidge?

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