It was her oath to protect and serve and

  • It was her oath to protect and serve and she was one of the few who took it, and the concept of honor, seriously. He married her without knowing she wanted to be a cop, which made
  • her furious since she only talked about it - oh ... incessantly! He never listened. But that gave her an idea. Since he never listened, that means she could
  • never have to give directions to mother's house ever again. So she called the woman up on the HAM radio and said, "You'll never see your son again, beyotch!" Which really meant
  • that she had the wrong HAM radio setting, as the child she had kidnapped had no women living in his home. Several attempts later
  • she tried slicing the ham radio, layering the slices with cheese & mustard on rye bread. The child she had kidnapped would not eat the crunchy, metallic sandwich, but rewired it
  • with a schmear. She hoped he would fall for it. Back at the ranch, Hopi had just finished explaining to Max, why she could no longer see him. The reason was obvious.
  • Hopi forgot how to open her eyes again. As Max walked her through the steps his over-protective sister walked in while Max and Hopi were in a compromising position. "Ha, I
  • see the way you look in that squaw's eyes. I'll tell Cousin Custer on you. Just as soon as he gets back from Little Big Horn. Snickering, she returned to skinning the buffalo.
  • She examined closely, but there were no wings. She knew Uncle Bob was full of it when he mentioned buffalo wings, but she had to see for herself. She had to get back at him, so she
  • could tell him what a lier he was but also to say how much she loved him for it...


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