Once upon a time

  • Once upon a time

  • in a faraway land of weird and wonderful critters, Lenny the ring tailed lemur lived with

  • his best friend Howley the wolf cub. Lenny the lemur loved him and they went everywhere but as Howley grew he began to realize that

  • his pal Lenny the lemur was looking more and more like lunchmeat to him. Yes, Howley the wolf cub was growing up. One day Lenny said to Howley, "Can you lick this mustard off my

  • back? There was a food fight at the watering hole today. The sifakas were at it again." Howley licked his wolfish lips and then clamped his jaws down on Lenny the lemur's tail.

  • A man observed the scene through binoculars from a distance of 90 feet, quickly losing interest and returning to

  • his usual observations. He no longer notices that the quality of light changes each moment that he is observing the tableau that has his interest. Doesn't notice the breeze bearing

  • Mrs. Peregrine's soup of the day. So I got to eat Mrs. Peregrine's beef barley soup. I left a thank you note signed by Earl Sandwich. I knew how to forge his signature, fortunately

  • forgery wasn't recognized as mine. But the The Earl of Sandwich felt his reputation was damaged by the note & suspecting the Baron of Blood Pudding as the culprit challenged him to

  • a food eating duel. As they spun around after walking ten steps away from each other, a giant hand came down from heaven and abducted them. The thunderous burp came a while later.



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 17 2016 @ 08:15

    somehow a fitting ending, considering part I.

  2. Woab Oct 17 2016 @ 13:21


  3. Servant Oct 17 2016 @ 23:31

    I had no clue there was a part 1, but I'm glad I could contribute!

  4. Rebbie Oct 18 2016 @ 14:19

    That was great!

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