The moon is down.

  • The moon is down.
  • The moon is up.
  • The roof on the vampire party boat is raised.
  • The boat was becoming stuffy and cramped and needed wingroom. The vampire bats' sonaresque navigational skills will be welcome on the open water.
  • "Excellent," Noah thought. When the vampire bats were allowed by God to enter the Ark, the bearded sailor was worried, but God had said, "Two of EVERYTHING." Noah had worried
  • but God had commanded. That's the type of relationship they had. Noah worried. God made decisions. But then Noah thought, "Two of EVERYTHING?". So he brought a second younger wife
  • and looked to Heavens "Are you sure?" "Yes, Noah. Take two of everything, including your second wife." Noah was shocked, but happy. He descended down to bring the animals to the
  • bowels of the ship. They boarded via a long wooden plank laid across the divide. Everything fit, but the rhinos were a close call. Noah took his second wife Sheila by the
  • hips, and, turning her upside-down, started shaking her. Small rodents started to fall out of Sheila's pockets. Ah-ha! Exclaimed Noah. Finally, the last animals and our expedition
  • were aboard and settled. Japheth tugged at Noah's sleeve. "Dad, can I say it this time?" Noah nodded, blind to the future, but knowing this wouldn't be the last time.


  1. PurpleProf Dec 26 2015 @ 17:32

    Say what this time?

  2. BlastedHeath Dec 26 2015 @ 17:51

    "There's a storm coming ... " ;-)

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