After reading about how starving fruit flies

  • After reading about how starving fruit flies and nematodes made them live longer, I decided to try extending the longevity of

  • my hungry hungry hippos. I pushed all the marbles to the middle and let them stay hungry. "You'll live longer," I said. "I read it online." But as I slept, the hippos

  • , starving, went on a stampede. The hippos broke their tethers and ate all my shooters, aggies, and cats eyes. Upon waking, I knew I had lost my.. (dare I say it) marbles. (I did.)

  • (it) (again)...(oops.)

  • Ellone must have sent us back in time again. Thought bubbles eked through floating space via parenthetical citation. Still, we couldn't change the past. Our receipt was lost for

  • now, or maybe later, or sometime in the future. We looked around our "new" surroundings carefully. It appeared that Ellone had sent us this "time" to the Bastille, 1789. Ducking

  • stinking townspeople, I tried desperately to remember my 18th century French lessons. But that class was also around the time I discovered

  • the link between "fenêtre" and "defenestration". But it was a small town full of petty people and even pettier building regulations, so we didn't even have two-storey buildings exc

  • ept for the old haunted house on the edge of town. Well, perhaps not haunted but certainly falling apart. Were the stairs even still there? But if I could throw someone out the win

  • dooooooowwwww...Oomf! I didn't even have the chance to finish my thought before I found myself tossed outside the old house. The door slammed & laughter echoed through the night.



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