The snowflake that landed on my nose was

  • The snowflake that landed on my nose was beautiful. It sparkled, like the ornaments you put on your christmas tree. But the snowflake didn't melt. Things changed that day forever.
  • It was the beginning of the Everlasting Ice Age. For over ten years the snow fell, and not a flake of it ever melted. It was majestic in it's devastation. None but the strongest
  • wore tank tops. For those who weren't strong, it was a popular way to finish things - to stand in a tank top until arms became heavy shelves for falling snow and finally fell off
  • arms truck. Then I sneak around in my tank top and grab the arms. Arms stealing is like a box of chocolates my mom said. You never know what you're going to get. Mother Russia was
  • a demanding mistress. The more state secrets I fed her, the more I was promoted and the more she demanded. I was head over heels and in over my head
  • mainly because she made me do a backflip into the cesspool. The things I'd do for that woman, my mistress, my...everything. I'd betrayed my country for this wench and now she wan
  • ted me to mortify myself for her amusement. How low could I sink? How low could I degrade myself for such sacrificial love? Why was I covered in gore & ordure for her in a foreign
  • nation? A flash of an instamatic, and I was back at my sister's wedding. "How LOW can you GO?" After all the sacrifices for my love, it was limbo time.
  • I unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my manscape & downed another shot of tequila. The alcohol loosened me up & I bent backwards under the limbo bar, which was on fire. I'd show HER
  • how to have a good time. I broke the island record for limbo that night and ended up cancelling my flight home. You may have heard of me. Name's Don Juan.


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