The already dim lights flickered and then

  • The already dim lights flickered and then went out. When the came back on, you wouldn't believe what was gone.
  • You see, the flaw of believers is that they are truly convinced that invisible things are real. So instead of seeing an empty room, they were convinced it was fully furbished and
  • well-appointed, with fine furnishings, flocked wallpaper and good ventilation. But Gurok was no slave of ember visions. He still lived in the real woods, among the deluded
  • bark eating ceps & the rizomorphic community. Gurok spread his tentacles over great expanses of eastern Oregon. His sentience pervaded the old Cabin waiting for Dick Platt's return
  • mail address. Gurok the tentacled alien was a pen pal of Dick Platt who was a shoesalesman from Sacramento. They'd gotten close through letter writing because while in prison
  • Platt had discovered Hentai tentacle porn. They would not let him see it, as that was against the rules, so Gurok used his knowledge to pen some fantastic mental imagery. When they
  • had finished reading the juicy details together, they knew they had to hatch a plan. Platt and Gurok would have to summon the aliens here to enact these tentacular fantasies.
  • Platt was such a sucker for saucy scenarios and deviant desires, he couldn't resist. Blowing softly into an ancient conch shell, Gurok summoned the aliens, who slithered sinuously
  • up Platt's trouser legs. He found the first 2 quite saucy, but by the time there were 15 aliens in his trousers & a queue was forming to up-trouser, Platt could feel a panic attack
  • coming on due to the plethora of aliens gathering in his underbritches. Platt centered himself, found a nearby jumbo alien and joined the up-trouser queue assembled there.


  1. SlimWhitman Apr 08 2014 @ 16:59

    Great story with a nice starting fold and suspense-filled twists and turns (har har). Special credit to lucielucie for creating a new verb: "to up-trowser" which made me lol p.s. Gurok is loosely based on this enormous organism... http://www.extremescience.com/biggest-living-thing.htm

  2. lucielucie Apr 09 2014 @ 02:51

    Thanks, SlimWhitman!

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