Squall seated himself on a boulder and let

  • Squall seated himself on a boulder and let out an exhausted sigh. Rinoa had been kidnapped again. What was to be done about such a nuisance? If only he could hire someone else to

  • to do it.. That's it!" Squall thought. "Rinoa got herself kidnapped, she can get herself unkidnapped. Something Mario should have told Peach a long ass time ago.

  • Squall had a nagging doubt, though. Unlike most SeeD clients, Rinoa was trouble. Her & her dog, Angelo, too. Zell & Selphie debated derailing the tyrant prez's train with a big log

  • found in the crapper off Route 62 at an independent gas station. Rinoa her dog, Angelo, were about to be flat out on their backs. That's why Zell & Selphie made those faces.

  • Rinoa and her pup let out the worst sharts. "Honestly, Zell & Selohie, we meant to catch up with you to exchange the blood money but we came down with the worst case of the shits."

  • Selohie looked at Zell who gave permission with a nod for her to broach the subject of this broach they claim I broached on my own by cracking Numbnuts in the dumbnuts. Since the s

  • -tart of time, people have been attracted to shiny objects, and I am only human. I had stolen the broach to pawn for money, but had kept it because it was so beautiful. Zell didn't

  • do it! I am the guilty party!" I hung my head & tried my best to appear guilty.By now, the PO-leece were crawling all over the room,searching for more evidence. "Here's the broach!

  • the Leutenant yelled. "Yeah, so?" said his partner, chiding him. "How's that a weapon, Dumbass?" I couldn't stand the second officers snide attitude and jumped in, saying, "I stab

  • you with this basket of fruit!" and I grasped a handful & slapped 'em on his chest so hard his heart became purple. He staggered & fell. "and your mother smelled of elderberries."



  1. Woab Nov 08 2019 @ 13:08

    That is the silliest ending I have ever read, Slim, and I thank you.

  2. SlimWhitman Nov 11 2019 @ 03:27

    I dunno why, something in me just snapped, and that's all that came out.

  3. Woab Nov 11 2019 @ 12:16

    Sometimes those are the best. As in this case.

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