"Stop!" I cried. "Please stop."

  • "Stop!" I cried. "Please stop."

  • "You deserve no mercy" The executioner said, as he put his hand on the lever. "You know that mass genocide is punishable by the chair! You killed 49 people! Now you go with them!"

  • It's funny how heightened my senses became when I thought it was my last moments on earth. I could see the black hairs on the backs of the executioner's hands. His nails were dirt

  • dirty and hands were rough. I was ready for it , the end of me and world but at that moment a wizard came out of the blue?

  • There are some who say not only the art of writing but the practice is disappearing. Even this sentence I am entering via voice keyboard.

  • The voice of writing is fading, as well as a strong vocabulary. Now, we commonly use words like"like, friends, share", that were once synonymous with the vocabulary of a child.

  • Irregardless, (see what I did there? LOL...here come the grammar police in full flagrante dictato..armed with Daggers of Grammar and craniums of Thesauri, just waiting to pounce

  • from the shadows, for they are always watching for any sign of weakness. It's like they have a sixth sense for knowing when someone is bending the rules of the English language.

  • Their only rivals were the Creativity police, who would shoot down their grammatical rules in favor of clever wordplay. I could only watch helplessly from behind my keyboard as

  • i kept pressing F# instead of C#. The Creativity police cried at the sound of the F#. But not before they whipped out a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Together they sang the alphabet song.



  1. Woab Aug 17 2018 @ 11:57

    I saw what you did there, V.G.!

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