Forgiveness borne from years of connection

  • Forgiveness borne from years of connection and sweet love making flashed, then faded forever from her eye. Somewhere in her head, every justification that could save me disappeared

  • into a cloud of funk. The Ojay's started belting out "love train." I hit the gravity bong with Teddy Roosevelt gusto. I was so high that everyone sounded like barking spiders and

  • that meant I was struck deaf since those little buggers can't bark. That's what I get for watching back-to-back Soul Train marathons. I can't believe the last thing I heard was

  • a shrill, "Souuuulll Trrraaaaaiiinnn!" Then silence. It would be the last sound ever processed by my brain and it haunted me for the rest of my days.

  • How I could be haunted in silence by the last sound I ever processed I could never understand. But there you have it. Not all can be understood. Like popularity of reality shows

  • about zombies. Did NBC really run that far into the ground? The zombies have killed most of the planet and they are showing them on TV? We deserve to die. Even CBS has a show about

  • zombies, but these zombies solved crimes through science and mental tricks. Police zombies in Miami, too. Lawyer zombies. Is there an end to this bankruptcy of ideas? Yes, if

  • they could only find a group of zombies that spent all their seemingly endless free time drinking coffee, the cliché would be complete.

  • But those zombies were nowhere to be found. Around them it seemed that the rubble went on for miles.

  • They moved into a FEMA trailer. He went on the roof and put out a dish antenna. The generator cooled the beer. He sat in a lazy-boy and turned on ESPN. Life would return to normal.



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